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Developer Auction: New Posterchild of the Technical Recruiting Bubble

January 12th, 2013

Developer Auction

The recruiting technology industry has undeniably inflated and officially crossed over into bubble status. Just take a look at Developer Auction, one of the latest of 482 companies tagged with “recruiting” or a similar term on Crunchbase. Launched to “disrupt” the recruiting industry, Developer Auction allows software engineers to create a profile and auction themselves off to venture funded tech companies. To go a step further, Developer Auction awards developers 20% cash back ($3000-$6000+) when they get hired through the platform essentially sharing their service fee (15% of the winning bid) with developers.

Developer Auction shows employers (all cash-rich, venture-backed tech startups in a few cities) a list of elite, vetted engineers that are looking for new opportunities and allows the employers to bid on talent without having to maneuver through a protracted sourcing process. For software engineers, Developer Auction is like an online speed dating service where all the potential matches are hotties but instead of a good figure or charming sense of humor the suitors have a stocked fridge, free lunches and a collegial environment that are reminiscent of the good ‘ol days on the quad at Stanford and MIT.

The idea is unique and essentially digitizes contingent recruiting but with a giant waft of exclusivity. The developers that get vetted and ultimately chosen for the bachelor style developer auction are all from Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Zynga, Stanford, and MIT. It makes sense. Developer Auction is giving elite start-ups in uber-competitive markets access to what they covet most to boost brainpower and company valuation.

The Hiring Sciences Hunch

At Hiring Sciences we love to see new models and encourage further innovation in the recruiting industry. The idea of the reverse funnel created by Developer Auction is thought provoking for sure. But, we can’t help feeling a little “icky” about they’ve created. One of our editors keeps calling the service Developer Kardashians and thinks it reeks of the kind of elitism that insulates technology companies from the real world. He went to public school so it’s probably just his insecurities showing through again. Finally, while the service is certainty different from other sourcing solutions out there, it’s far from being disruptive to the recruiting industry or even technical recruiting yet but we’ll keep an eye on Developer Auction.

If you are interested in learning more about Developer Auction, visit the site at:

Developer Auction was launched in order to disrupt the recruiting industry, and provide a better and more efficient way for talented developers to get exposed to exciting job opportunities at funded tech companies.
As serial entrepreneurs & software developers, we know that the smartest people are already employed, and that they receive numerous emails every month from recruiters and prospective employers that often go ignored due to the enormous amount of time that it would take to interview and negotiate with each company. We thought – “there has to be a better way”.
By reversing the funnel, and having companies submit offers based on work history & experience, we hope to shorten the hiring cycle, maximize efficiency and create transparency in a market that is currently anything but. To go a step further, we even offer developers 20% cash back ($3000-$6000+) when they get hired through our platform.
We believe that we can more effectively match developers with great companies, while driving down financial and “lost opportunity” costs for start-ups.

Newton Applicant Tracking Software Going Social

July 15th, 2012
Newton Applicant Tracking Software Goes Social

Newton Applicant Tracking Software Goes Social

Who knew that Newton Software, the creators of popular corporate applicant tracking software, have a skunk works lab outside of the Bay Area churning out new features? A source tells that there are at least two (likely more) developers working full time on Newton’s new social suite.

Dubbed Newton Labs, the team is gearing up to release the first of several features that will fulling integrate with Newton’s recruiting software and empower employers to engage and attract applicants through mainstream social channels.

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Recruiting with a Fresh Twist – Accountability

July 9th, 2012

JobEscrow is a new online marketplace where employers and recruiters conduct business leveraging a pay-for-performance model based on new hire retention. Companies can buy a job credit for @ $400 – similar to the price of a job posting on LinkedIn. They select an approved, qualified recruiter through the JobEscrow ecosystem and both parties agree to a fee structure and a payment plan over a set period of time.  The cool this is that JobEscrow does’t take a cut of the recruiting fees like other services and the fees are paid out over time through an escrow account based on new hire quality and retention.

Here’s a screenshot. Looks slick!

JobEscrow is currently in open-beta and accepting customers. Here is how to connect with the JobEscrow team.

Connect with the JobEscrow team on FacebookTwitter, or better yet become an early adopter and sign up for Job Escrow updates and beta testing.