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Applicant Tracking Software that Drives the Decisions that Drive Hiring

November 9th, 2010

Groundbreaking ideas spring from companies that find innovative ways to solve problems, rather than just focusing on technology or staying ahead of competitors. While Newton Software isn’t rolling over for competitors, they are focusing on the problems that their peers in the ATS space continue to ignore like user adoption and driving the critical decisions that drive recruiting. In fact, at the core of Newton, their popular applicant tracking software, Newton Software has invented a way to allow recruiters and hiring managers to complete the most critical paths of the recruiting process with just one click of a mouse.

Here’s a video demonstration of how Newton, easy-to-use, modern applicant tracking software drives the decisions that drive recruiting.

What No One Else Will Tell You About Choosing Applicant Tracking Software

May 3rd, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I interviewed Carol Schultz, the CEO of Vertical Elevation, a recruitment consultancy headquartered in Colorado.  We primarily talked about recruitment process optimization.  You can listen to the full interview here.  Carol, recently asked me to write a blog post to share tips and advice for choosing applicant tracking software.  You can read the full post here.

We also put together a multimedia presentation.

A Guide to Getting Started with Recruiting Analytics

April 14th, 2010

“When need recruiting metrics.” I hear this all the time from recruiting and human resources professionals. “We have a spreadsheet, but….”
Is it time your company starts to measure and analyze recruiting analytics like you would any of your other business processes? We think so.

With so much information created by hiring programs, deciding what recruiting metrics to measure and analyze can be daunting. If your organization is just beginning to look at recruiting performance or, if you’re trying to improve your existing recruiting analytics program, it’s best to start with the issues that effective performance the most – the basics.

And, it’s important to have the right tools. Spreadsheets are so 90’s. Try easy-to-use applicant tracking software. Many systems these days are easy to implement and affordable.

3 Easy Way to Treat Applicants Better

March 25th, 2010
Companies don’t intentionally treat applicants poorly. Many don’t have the resources to create a positive experience for job seekers.
So, how can companies improve how they treat job applicants and, at the same time, convey a positive brand image despite limited resources?

Companies don’t intentionally treat applicants poorly. But, many don’t have the resources to create a positive experience for job applicants.  So, how can companies improve how they treat applicants and, at the same time, convey a positive brand image despite limited resources?

This is a helpful presentation but, assumes that you already use applicant tracking software.  If you don’t already use some sort of recruiting software, this presentation also has a nice plug in it.

Podcast: Recruiting Software Trends and Best Practices

February 18th, 2010


Date / Time: 2/19/2010 11:30 AM EST



Call-in Number: (347) 945-5651

In this installment of The Proactive Employer with Dr. Stephanie Thomas we’ll be discussing recruiting technology with guest Joel Passen. Joel is the Vice President of Marketing with Newton Software. Topics include: Recruiting software best practices, EEO and OFCCP compliance, and statistical analysis of recruiting and hiring practices.

About Newton: Newton Software is a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software solutions. Newton software delivers an easy to use, fast-to-deploy, affordable solution for creating, managing and improving corporate recruiting programs with no hardware to buy or software to license. Featuring the most modern, intuitive application on the market, Newton is not only pushing the boundaries on how recruiting software is designed, it’s also changing the way business software is delivered and purchased. Newton is not just another recruiting tool-kit.  Rather, it’s an application that works like recruiting works from day one- no massive customization required. Requiring very little training to get started, Newton can be activated in less than 48 hours and implementation is always free. Tiered pricing, no long term contracts, no hidden costs and free seats for standard users all make purchasing Newton hassle-free – a unique experience in the HR Technology space.

EEO/OFCCP Reporting and Tracking: 2010’s The Elephant in the Closet

January 13th, 2010

elephant_in_room2Six months ago, one of our software engineers at Newton asked, “Why are you guys so obsessed with this EEO/ OFCCP compliance stuff? Is it that important?”

The answer was straightforward. I’d done some homework. The EEOC received more than 95,400 charges of job bias in the private sector in 2008, up 15.2 percent from 2007 and 26 percent from 2006. Given the number of layoffs, the amount of Federal stimulus pumped into the economy, the increasing diversity of the workplace and the EEOC’s new litigious administration, this is a issue facing employers of all sizes.

Last week, the 2009 EEOC report was published. They announced that 93,277 workplace discrimination charges were filed with the agency in 2009. That’s an average of nearly 256 claims filed every day. The 2009 data shows that private sector charges alleging discrimination based on disability, religion and/or national origin hit record highs while age-based charges reached the second highest level ever. You can read the entire report here:

Statistics don’t generally lie, the trends are clear. And, with the appointment of Jacqueline Berrien as head of the EEOC, employers should expect a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that is much more focused on enforcement and litigation. Some experts are even concerned that her administration may push the commission further in an anti-employer direction.  None of this bodes well for companies that are still ignoring EEO/ OFCCP compliance issues.

Recruiting Insurance: Newton Announces Cutting Edge EEO OFCCP Reporting and Tracking

January 6th, 2010

EEO  / OFCCP compliance, until now, it’s been  real headache. Applicant flow logs, hired/offers logs, reasons for non-selection for every applicant, minimum requirements for every job. Tracking all of this was nearly impossible let alone actually reporting it – until now.

Newton Software announced that they will release a powerful feature to track and report all of your EEO data for you – automatically. No more going back in time to add missing data, no reason for spreadsheets and no extra work for your team. Newton’s EEO / OFCCP tracking feature is the most advanced of any applicant tracking software and they’ve designed it to be the easiest-to-use too.

Newton customers will track reasons for non-selection for every candidate, build appropriate minimum qualification questions  for every job, ensure that customer are being equal opportunity employers and build the same reports that used to take weeks or months in just  minutes.

The official release date is 1/10/10.  We’ll have a full review of the product then.

Stay tuned.

Bamboo HR: Good for Companies not Pandas

November 17th, 2009

So, here’s another company worth watching.  Check out Bamboo HR. Bamboo HR is an online HR database that gives you easy access to your employee records. Bamboo HR allows you to manage employee records, track required training, and store important documents securely on the web so all of you HR information is in one place. There is even a reporting function so you can slice and dice information as you like.

Not only is their name cool, I admire their business model too.  Bamboo HR offers a 30-day free trial, simple pricing listed on their website and their service is provided on a month-to-month basis – no long-term commitments! Seem like a no-brainer for companies looking to organize employee data.

Lear more about Bamboo HR at