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EEOC Compliance Rules You Might Not be Aware Of

May 28th, 2013

EEOC Compliance RulesHuman resources professionals know all to well how tough it can be to keep up with rule changes via the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. For example, Quest Diagnostics, a medical testing company that has 42,000 employees, found itself having to pay a penalty and adjust its hiring practices after the New York Attorney General’s office determined that the company broke the law when it refused to hire job applicants who had criminal convictions during the previous seven years, according to a report from Lexology.

It’s simply bad business to break the laws with discriminatory hiring practices. You will find that it pays to invest time on a regular basis to keep yourself informed on EEOC rules and regulations to ensure that your organization remains in compliance.

For example, did you know that it is a violation of EEOC rules to force your employees to disclose confidential, personal medical information before you approve them to take a health leave? The EEOC settled a lawsuit against Dillards that claimed the company improperly asked employees to provide this information and fired workers with disabilities who had taken more health leave than the company’s maximum allowable time.

With advances in genetic screening technology making it easier and more affordable to get a person’s DNA scanned for the purposes of diagnostics and disease prediction, employers might be tempted to ask applicants for their genetic information during recruitment.

A prudent manager with an eye on the company’s bottom line might not see any problem in refusing to hire someone who has the potential to develop an expensive medical condition. However, the EEOC enforces the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, which prevents you from asking potential employees for their genetic data or their family medical history.

To minimize your organization’s potential liability for engaging in discriminatory hiring practices, take the time to visit the EEOC website on a regular basis. Repeated visits to the site will help you keep up with the latest news about rules and regulations, and to learn about companies that have violated the rules, so you can learn from their mistakes.  An even more efficient route to EEOC compliance is to utilize a hiring software package / applicant tracking system that integrates EEOC / OFCCP compliance.

Following EEOC rules should result in your organization continuing to hire the best people for the positions you are filling, while maintaining a stellar reputation in the community. If your firm is known to avoid discriminatory hiring practices, you stand a better chance to attract the best and brightest job applicants from all walks of life.

Attention Alabama Employers: How does the latest legislation impact your Affirmative Action and OFCCP requirements?

October 11th, 2011

Alabama Employers: How does the latest legislation impact your Affirmative Action and OFCCP requirements?

Attend a regional seminar led by National and Regional experts regarding the often challenging and confusing AA / EEO / OFCCP requirements.

Participants will receive 3 hours of CE credit for your PHR or SPHR certification

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.


6800 Governors West, NW Huntsville, AL
T 256-428-5425    F 256-428-2001

Meeting Room – Mediterranean V & VI

Ticket price: $25

Seating is limited – RSVP today!

Parking available

Register for this seminar HERE

Here’s what to expect.

  • How DOL and the U.S. Congress have woken the sleeping ADA giant, and why plaintiffs’ attorneys and the EEOC are excited
  • What impact the Alabama immigration law will have on your business, and which provisions are likely to withstand judicial challenges
  • Your company’s obligation to solicit race and gender data
  • The proposed OFCCP guidelines on compensation analyse
  • Guidelines for self-evaluation of compensation practices for compliance with EO 11246 with respect to systematic compensation discriminatio
  • How to leverage Applicant Tracking technology for compliance, data tracking and storage

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Interesting podcast on June 18th: Can Social Recruiting Cause Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Employment Issues?

June 8th, 2010

There’s been a ton of hype around social recruiting lately. But, there hasn’t been much talk about compliance and the OFCCP and EEOC are so far behind the times that they’re not going to be quick to set any sort precedent in the near term but, they’ll get to it. Clearly, social recruiting should be a part of every company’s recruiting strategy and for the most part, it has.

So, how is social recruiting going to impact compliance? Find out on the June 18th NED podcast when Joel Passen will be interviewing Dr Stephanie Thomas, the Director of the Equal Employment Advisory and Litigation Support Division of Minimax Consulting.

When: Friday, June 18th at 8:30am PDT


Dial in to listen live: (646) 727-1372

Listen anytime:

About NED: NED is a series of  web-based discussions sponsored by Newton Software, makers of Newton, popular, easy-to-use applicant tracking software. Instead of creating boring white papers and hosting ho-hum webinars, Newton chose to create a radio program that  showcases recruiting industry influencers and innovators who share their tips, tools, techniques and knowledge with the recruiting community.

Podcast: Recruiting Software Trends and Best Practices

February 18th, 2010


Date / Time: 2/19/2010 11:30 AM EST



Call-in Number: (347) 945-5651

In this installment of The Proactive Employer with Dr. Stephanie Thomas we’ll be discussing recruiting technology with guest Joel Passen. Joel is the Vice President of Marketing with Newton Software. Topics include: Recruiting software best practices, EEO and OFCCP compliance, and statistical analysis of recruiting and hiring practices.

About Newton: Newton Software is a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software solutions. Newton software delivers an easy to use, fast-to-deploy, affordable solution for creating, managing and improving corporate recruiting programs with no hardware to buy or software to license. Featuring the most modern, intuitive application on the market, Newton is not only pushing the boundaries on how recruiting software is designed, it’s also changing the way business software is delivered and purchased. Newton is not just another recruiting tool-kit.  Rather, it’s an application that works like recruiting works from day one- no massive customization required. Requiring very little training to get started, Newton can be activated in less than 48 hours and implementation is always free. Tiered pricing, no long term contracts, no hidden costs and free seats for standard users all make purchasing Newton hassle-free – a unique experience in the HR Technology space.

EEO/OFCCP Reporting and Tracking: 2010’s The Elephant in the Closet

January 13th, 2010

elephant_in_room2Six months ago, one of our software engineers at Newton asked, “Why are you guys so obsessed with this EEO/ OFCCP compliance stuff? Is it that important?”

The answer was straightforward. I’d done some homework. The EEOC received more than 95,400 charges of job bias in the private sector in 2008, up 15.2 percent from 2007 and 26 percent from 2006. Given the number of layoffs, the amount of Federal stimulus pumped into the economy, the increasing diversity of the workplace and the EEOC’s new litigious administration, this is a issue facing employers of all sizes.

Last week, the 2009 EEOC report was published. They announced that 93,277 workplace discrimination charges were filed with the agency in 2009. That’s an average of nearly 256 claims filed every day. The 2009 data shows that private sector charges alleging discrimination based on disability, religion and/or national origin hit record highs while age-based charges reached the second highest level ever. You can read the entire report here:

Statistics don’t generally lie, the trends are clear. And, with the appointment of Jacqueline Berrien as head of the EEOC, employers should expect a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that is much more focused on enforcement and litigation. Some experts are even concerned that her administration may push the commission further in an anti-employer direction.  None of this bodes well for companies that are still ignoring EEO/ OFCCP compliance issues.

Recruiting Insurance: Newton Announces Cutting Edge EEO OFCCP Reporting and Tracking

January 6th, 2010

EEO  / OFCCP compliance, until now, it’s been  real headache. Applicant flow logs, hired/offers logs, reasons for non-selection for every applicant, minimum requirements for every job. Tracking all of this was nearly impossible let alone actually reporting it – until now.

Newton Software announced that they will release a powerful feature to track and report all of your EEO data for you – automatically. No more going back in time to add missing data, no reason for spreadsheets and no extra work for your team. Newton’s EEO / OFCCP tracking feature is the most advanced of any applicant tracking software and they’ve designed it to be the easiest-to-use too.

Newton customers will track reasons for non-selection for every candidate, build appropriate minimum qualification questions  for every job, ensure that customer are being equal opportunity employers and build the same reports that used to take weeks or months in just  minutes.

The official release date is 1/10/10.  We’ll have a full review of the product then.

Stay tuned.