Recruiting with a Fresh Twist – Accountability

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JobEscrow is a new online marketplace where employers and recruiters conduct business leveraging a pay-for-performance model based on new hire retention. Companies can buy a job credit for @ $400 – similar to the price of a job posting on LinkedIn. They select an approved, qualified recruiter through the JobEscrow ecosystem and both parties agree to a fee structure and a payment plan over a set period of time.  The cool this is that JobEscrow does’t take a cut of the recruiting fees like other services and the fees are paid out over time through an escrow account based on new hire quality and retention.

Here’s a screenshot. Looks slick!

JobEscrow is currently in open-beta and accepting customers. Here is how to connect with the JobEscrow team.

Connect with the JobEscrow team on FacebookTwitter, or better yet become an early adopter and sign up for Job Escrow updates and beta testing.


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